Who We Are

Board of Directors

Executive Director
: Dr. Hugo Ferlito
Email[email protected]
Phone: (831) 331-68872

: Dr. George M Yellich
Title: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Email[email protected] 
Phone: (408) 858-3051

Website, Business Development, and Marketing
: Patricia M Yellich
Title: Business Development and Marketing
Email[email protected] 
Phone: (408) 242-6548

Name: Jennifer Rudisill, CPA
Title: Bianchi, Kasavan, and Pope, LLP, Senior Staff Accountant
Email[email protected]@com
Phone: (831) 373-1697

Facility Coordinator and Patient Relations
Name: Jack Murphy
Title: Director Monterey Veteran Transition Center
Email[email protected]
Phone: (978) 496-73183

Vendor and Patient Relations
Name: Dr. Curtis Jansen
Title: Prosthodontist
Email[email protected]
Phone: (831) 656-9394  

Patient Relations
Name: Dr. Malia Seltzer
Title: General Dentist
Email[email protected]
Phone: (831) 375-4242

Logistics and Patient Relations
Name: Dr. Jon Dean
Title: Endodontist
Email[email protected]
Phone: (831) 373-1377  

Logistics and Patient Relations
Name: Dr. John Eisinger
Title: Orthodontist
Email[email protected]
Phone: (831) 915-7281 (Cell)/(831) 372-7397 (Office)

Name: Karen Curtis
Title: Community Volunteer
Email[email protected]
Phone: (831) 710-1215  

Dental Hygiene and Public Relations

Name: Noel Kelsch
Title: Director of Dental Hygiene Cabrillo College School of Dental Hygiene
Email[email protected]
Phone: (805) 990-3542 (Cell)


Accounting Firm

Bianchi, Kasavan and Pope LLP
Monterey, Ca.

Banking Firm: Santa Cruz County Bank

Phone: (831) 457-5000

Legal Counsel

Brian Call
Fenton and Keller Law Firm
[email protected]
(831) 373-1241